DeutschMarques - What's it all about?

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DeutschMarques - What's it all about?

Post by Stampers on Sat 12 Nov 2011, 1:05 am

So what's the real reason behind DM? - Bringing like-minded individuals together regardless of brand.

There are plenty of VW clubs/groups available to join in the UK due to the huge amount of love for the dub-life. The same goes for the BMW, Mercedes and Porsche scenes (although not quite to the same extent). But there's one thing that separates these groups of individuals - the Brand. This was the initial idea behind DM. Over the years people either stay die-hard one-brand fans, or change their affiliations to try something new. For those people who have had the chance to change their cars, it gives the great option of finding what's right for you. Thing is, it doesn't mean you can't appreciate any of the other brands.

I started my automotive love with a beaten-up old Ford and quickly moved into the VW scene. I immersed myself in this to the extent that the only cars I cared about were dubs. Then when I had enough money, my wallet was emptied and cash was plunged into a BMW and I've been a massive fan since, but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy diving back into the VW scene every now and then to keep up with what's going on. I don't have a Mercedes and will probably never own a Porsche, but it's refreshing to see what's going on in these areas as well as the small world of the 4-square roundel. Car tastes change, but friends stay the same and needless to say, most of the people I know and spend time with are from the VW scene. The only place I can speak to them online and catch-up is on the VW forums, where it feels pointless to write about any of the changes or progress I've been making on my BMW.

There are people out there who have multiple lives on multiple forums, representing their cars in separate places because there Isn't anywhere that caters for them as a whole. There are people who move from one German scene to another and in turn change forums to coincide with their cars, often losing contact with the people they spent most of their time with at shows and meets. DeutschMarques is for you, by people like you. Bringing those people together who want to associate with each other, with no barriers holding them back. Don't get me wrong, there are others who have done this before (Max Power and Fast Car) but unfortunately the same old image sticks whenever you mention those names. Our aim is to bring forward the enthusiast scene to a wider audience, not just the media-happy show-car mentality. Hell, we even have a section for those of you who still refuse to drive something Deutsch! Talk about catering for everyone!

So open your mind and vent your opinions, post your build threads and come to the meets.
But the main thing is, share it.

Enjoy your stay!
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